“Progressive Creationism”

The word “progressive” comes from the Latin word progredi (pro – forward + gradi – to step) meaning to go forward, proceed, or advance. The “Progressive Creationist” would contend that God did indeed create the universe, but that He did so by simply “progressing” or propelling the development of the universe along its already prescribed … [Read more…]

The “Gap Theory”

As was noted in the previous article, in order for “theistic evolutionists” (a misnomer if there ever was one) to insert vast geological time spans into the Biblical creation account he has only three choices: 1) before, 2) during, or 3) after. The “Day-Agers” attempt to insert the time during the creation week. But it … [Read more…]

Creation Compromises (The “Day-Age Theory”)

A compromise is defined as the means by which two (or more) disagreeing parties reach an agreement. In a compromise each party gives up something it wants in order to “meet in the middle,” neither party getting everything it wanted but both parties getting something. The Bible believer who wants to accommodate evolutionary theory has … [Read more…]

What Are We Teaching Our Children?

My wife and I took a bit of a vacation last week. We greatly enjoyed and appreciated the time of visiting with family and friends that we don’t often see. One of the things we were able to do on this vacation was to visit a couple of attractions that are of special interest to … [Read more…]

The Church That Jesus Built

In much of what I have read lately from some prominent (and some not-so-prominent) writers among the churches of Christ there seems to be a great difference of opinion concerning what the church of Christ currently is, what it has been, and what is should be going forward. One side accuses the other of abandoning … [Read more…]

“Back to Church Sunday”

This coming Sunday (Sept. 17, 2017) is national “Back to church Sunday.” I’m sure many have grown up in homes where church attendance and participation in spiritual pursuits was a given. But as life got more hectic with children, school, work, and other pursuits many got out of the “habit” of worship attendance. It seems … [Read more…]